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1970 (11 years old)
my father showed me, how to receive Radio South Africa, Radio Peking and others and how exciting it can be, to get QSLs, books and pictures from theese Broadcasting Stations round the world. Not much later he showed me, how to fune the new mode SSB at the back side of the transistor-receiver (see photo), to receive amateur radio stations as well.

With the callsign of the received stations I wend with my bicycle to the postoffice in my village and asked for the addresses. Then I went up to 50 km (31 miles) by bicyle to bring my QSL-card (each painted by my own). The visit of OM Herbert, DL1OV in Rotenburg was crucial for my infection with amateur radio: he greeted me with "fine, that you are here just now. I'll have a sked with my friend in New York in some minutes." And I participated that Sked in SSB, it was
so ease but so great, fabulous and exciting, so I just wantet to be an HAM as well.

Over time...
I was only allowed to take the exam for the amateur radio license at the age of 18. First I hat DD7BS forUHF/VHF only. In good conditions I sat on the roof of our house to enjoy "DX" to PA0 (200 km) with 2 W at a helical antenna. After an morse exam some years later I got my actual call DL3LBP.

Until 2007 I was more or less actove. Because of my many moves inside of northern Germany I met a lot of HAMs in a lot of local clubs. I took part in nets and competitions (-> photo). After my last move to Lauenburg I first had a problem with TVI and BCI. Because I was very involved in my job at the same time I decided to have a long break in amateur radio until 2016.

Since 2016...

The today's popular types of digital modes made a new start into amateur radio activities easy. For the first step I decided to begin agein with a vertical antenna, I found used. As I got with my first attempts in PSK with 50 Watts YB, VK and ZL on 40 m into my log and was sure, to have never again problems with staring at my neighbors radio.

Actually I am "on the side" quite active in FT8. Anyway I want to preserve my regular QSOs in telegraphy (CW) and I take part in nets and some contests as well as in skeds in SSB also.

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