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Lauenburg /Elbe

The old town of boatmen Lauenburg at river Elbe has abt 11.500 inhabitants ans is located in the southeast on the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Lauenburg borders as well to Lower Saxonyy as to Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Because its moraine hills from the glacial epoch, Lauenburg is called 'the balkony of Schleswig-Holstein. From the highest point in the upper town to the river is a vertical difference of high of 50 meters. From the some places upon the hill you can find very beautiful views over the River to Lower Saxony. When the weather is clear, you can see the church spires of Lüneburg. While the historical old town with its cobblestone streets between lovely restored houses built in 15th to 17th century is a popular place for tourists, the newer "Uppter town" is, except the castle, functional and in the center ugly.

For the visitor of Lauenburg are beneth the historical old town interesting to visit the Palmschleuse of 1398, one of the first watergates in Europe and the relatively new watergate at the Elbe-Lübeck-Canal. I advise to the visitors to walk from there along the canal to Buchhorst and to get back to Lauenburg across the Buchhorster Berge, a hilly wood, in a region, its normaly flat. There are a lot of ways to walk or cycle, but most of them are untendet, so that one cannot use some cycle ways in summer when they became overgrown.

My QTH is situated submontane of the Hasenberg (Rabbit-hill) ans is nearly the highest point of the town, abt. 55 above River Elbe.
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